Sunday, August 13, 2006

to be reminded.

we intellectualise.
we prognosticate.
we hypnotise....ourselves.....with words.
and magically the universe takes us to mean what we continue to say............
and brings us wonders of immesureable beauty.
today i will celebrate this wonder.
i will smile and share and be humbled at the sheer majesty of all this emerging around me.
and be grateful that someone reminded me of how this is working.
thank you.............


anu said...

There you go Dr :)You're in a state of grace and I can feel it in your words. You're creating in joy now.

Infact, if you feel I've reminded you. May I say, you've created me to remind yourself of the exquisite beauty, effortlessness and grace with which we create our own realities. I haven't visited you for a long time and there are no coincidences in this universe.

Thank you for this lovely post :)

dr.alistair said...

what we see is what we get. for so long i was allowing myself to see less than beauty in things, and it was limiting my reality. as i typed and spoke of beauty.......with honesty and integrity.......because i meant it, things changed. some of the harsh things fell away and in thier place emerged wonderful things, experiences and people that i am in awe of it all.
my brother calls me lucky........

anu said...

Of course you are Dr..a gorgeous self, two beautiful children, and new beginings waiting at your doorstep...and so much more..

And I feel we're all lucky ;), even though sometimes we don't believe it ;)

dr.alistair said...

my brother puts it down to random chance. yes, in the sense that we recognise and include ourselves in life and realise that we are doing it all it is a luckiness......but inherent in the term luck is the idea, at least in the western sense, that there is a randomness to all this. what i realise is that the engine and creativity is in our minds. we make the pictures and tell ourselves things...........and we turn out to be right, whatever we choose.
as i have grown i have realised that this is a consistent theme in my life.
it`s so simple.