Sunday, August 13, 2006

the consistant thing in your life.

have you ever thought about what the most consistant thing in your life is?
any ideas?
i have meditated on this many times. i think about friends, family, memories of events and people, things i have done and acquired.
but then, just moments ago, i realised that the most consistant thing in my life is me.
o.k. so what does this mean?
it means that i`ve shaped my life........or allowed other influences to shape my life.
so here we are. on the edge..............looking out into the great unknown.
making our reality what we decide.
the things that we hold in our vision longest become reality.
this blog has been, from it`s inception, an evocation of my new reality.
the love and confidence and understanding that i have talked about here has arrived and surrounds me in so many ways.
it had stirred up the muddy bottom of this river that is my life and clouded my view of things..............and i accept that as the burning down of the old ways.
like the phoenix.
and from the ashes i will emerge into the next phase of my life.


anu said...

:) Early morning, how wonderful it feels to read this.

All the best, Dr.

dr.alistair said...

and through all the pain of packing up and leaving my home of 14 years and knowing i won`t wake up with my children any more, i read that posting again and realise that i`m right. i don`t need to focus on abandonment and failure...........but on love and abundance. the negative i`m rejecting.......i thought i was being rejected.....but it`s actually the other way around.

anu said...

I'm sorry Dr that you'll have to leave your children behind. I didn't know that! I had a huge smile on my face today while I clicked on the comments section wondering what you would have replied. And my smile faded away as I read your words @children.

But guess what? Afterall it is your own has to come back to you :)

I'm wishing you best of luck for your new beginings. And I love your spirit.

Guess what once again? Tommorrow (15 th Aug) happens to my beloved country's Independence Day.

Now, is it a coincidence that you're moving out on the eve of the INDEPENDENCE DAY...but there are no coincidences in this universe ;)

Warm hugs n deep kisses to you

dr.alistair said...

independence day............fitting.
i will never leave my children behind.
i will see them when i can.