Thursday, August 10, 2006

the self.

there is a lot of discussion about the self. it has become a buzz-word of the community here where we are all looking to heal and grow, but there needs to be a finer definition of what the self actually is. we hear about the authentic self and the real self and the self seperate from action, etc......but still, what the hell is the self.
the self is the person we want to be that is reacting to all the pain, all the things that people do and all the things that happen in the world.
instead of being able to just accept what is going on and look for solutions.
we take things personally. the person driving fast on the highway aggrevates us and so we speed up and we chase and we gesture and we endanger ourselves and others.............
we have an arguement and we get angry and try harder to prove a point and we over-react and hit out or get a lawyer or..........
but why are we acting this way?
this all goes back to a period in our lives where we were truly powerless and something dramatic happened and everyone panicked and we observed powerless, because we were young, and now, every time we are confronted with a similar situation, boom, horrid feelings, inability to act, fear, pain, anxiety............making things worse by over-reacting.

take the time to love yourself unconditionally..........and confront the first pain and grieve for it.
it may take hours, days, weeks, months or more. but nothing can go on until you have. all the important things that you are trying to do right now, all the fantastic plans, exciting people and events are a reaction to the pain.
when you mourn and grieve the pain can dissipate and your authentic self can emerge, over time...................
trust me, i`m a doctor (almost.).

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