Thursday, August 03, 2006

organic fellowship.

i have been compelled over time to want to speak to groups of people. in my work as a therapist i hold seminars for weight loss and stop smoking and in those lectures i find time to speak of the divine spark in all of us....because without that there is no healing. it takes love for the self through a recognition of this spark of divinity to be able to overcome resistance to healing the self, and to do the work necessary. to commit to letting go of old ways of doing things, no matter how comforting they can be.
i feel the need to begin to speak to a broader variety of people about the idea of a personal divinity. a bright spark of life that emerges spontaniously whenever the electrical charge is right. like the massive lightning storm that the region here around toronto has experienced tonight i feel the energy surging through me more and more.
the time is coming where it will be possible for me to pass it on to others in this community and beyond.
now is the time to begin to find the resourses to do just that.


Anonymous said...

Be careful. You may turn a perfectly normally neurotic person into a megalomaniac. you are a worthless shrink.

dr.alistair said...

yes, the risk is there. what is the difference between a megalomaniac and a neurotic?

Anonymous said...

good question

Anonymous said...

you are right