Tuesday, August 15, 2006

the gospel according to dr.alistair........revisited.

the world will be as you make it.
the world will be as you feel.
the world will be as you desire.
the world will be what you see.
you always hit what you look at last.
what you tell yourself.
what you believe.
what you dream.

your life, up to this point, is made up of a series of dreams, desires, fears, loves, feelings, visions, articulations, aspirations and beliefs.

that`s not going to change.

you are in control of the imput. keep imputting until things start to change.............

it`s always worked before. you just didn`t realise it, so sometimes you got down and angry and frustrated and the universe went, yeah, o.k. bring on the anger and frustration.............the good stuff and the bad stuff work just the same.

you always hit the last thing you look at.

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