Wednesday, July 25, 2007


n is for censorship of all the words we aren`t allowed to say.

and how upset that allows some people to get when they hear one of those words.

but you don`t consider for one minute how it makes a person feel when you openly blame them for all the problems that you are experiencing in your life.

you have no censorship on your anger and resentment and your political views that allow you to continue to blame them for something that happened a very long time ago to people you don`t even know.

you aren`t alone in your little word-created prison mind are kept company by feminists and environmentalists and illegal aliens and anyone else seeking special rights and privileges (money).

you don`t stop even for a minute to think that your reaction is as hostile and violent as the use of the word, or any other word, in the first place, and politically you are doing exactly the thing you are holding others responsible for.


check under the letter l.

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