Saturday, July 14, 2007

begs the question.

well, a number of questions who underwrites thier insurance?


BBC said...

I didn't look at the link.

But, church.

Been there, done that.

Fuck that.

Now, what was the question?

dr.alistair said...

read the link.....

it is, and still is, about the cathoholic church paying out $600 million to people who were touched by priests.

and that`s only in one diocese.

and insurance companies are paying the bill.

which means they claim it as a loss.

which means the taxpayer absorbs the hit.

which means we are paying for priests to ruin kids lives.

like you said bill, fuck that.

BBC said...

Ah, Catholics

Dumb fucks

Brainwashed cult of monkeys

dr.alistair said...


i`ve always maintained that people who are afraid tend to be most obedient.......but also tend to be the most cruel and intolerant.

so the cycle continues.

kate said...

I just posted about this yesterday... not the insurance bit... I was taken by the fact that several dioceses were going to declare bankruptcy to protect themselves... How Godly of them to screw little boys then protect their assets so they dont get taken to repay their victims!

Ohhhh perhaps too much non PC commenting for a first visit... sorry! lol

dr.alistair said...

kate, welcome to hypgnosys in all its non-pc glory.

your commentaries are always safe here.

the papacy has a history of this sort of thing. terrorising the young supplicates them for thier adult lives to come.

500 years ago bishops were admisistering hot pokers and knives to make thier point.

they take a more subtle approach now.