Sunday, July 08, 2007

we use the terms information and news interchangeably whilst blogging.

i find the habit confusing.

i would like to make a distinction that i personally find useful.

information is data that will effect me and if the message is a threat then i have the opportunity to take steps to protect myself accordingly.

everything else is entertainment.

which part of the news do you find fits into the definition of information as i posted it?

for example, if i have been chosen for a cash prize, then that`s information that effects me directly and i appreciate the notice.

if thirty people go over a cliff in a bus while on holiday, that`s entertainment. and i don`t find that sort of thing entertaining so i don`t watch "news", though some do,......otherwise they wouldn`t be glued to the tv for hours a day.

i find it odd that people know more about the movements of paris hilton than they do about thier own health.

they know how many soldiers have been killed in iraq, yet they have no clue what their children are doing or what they want in life.

so much for the news.

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