Thursday, July 26, 2007


i love it when bureaucrats think that they can wave thier hands and make things happen.

making more rules is great for giving bureaucrats jobs, but when illiterate farmers get ahold of surface-to-air missiles and aim them at people who they`ve hated for generations then all the laws and policies in the world aren`t going to stop news being made.

remember kosovo?



Ricardo said...

Total mess. This country has done the whole secret weapons shipment thing too in South America and Afghanistan back in the 80's. Rules mean nothing when you get rocket launchers into their hands. That's for sure..

dr.alistair said...

everyone is doing it.

but people still read newspapers and get suprised when they read about iran aiding iraq with weapons and training.

SJ said...

Where there is demand there shall be supply. If govts don't sell then they ill acquire it illegally. The question really is how to bring as many nations as possible into the "normal" fold.

dr.alistair said...

in democratic societies there tends to be less of the sort of horror brought on by rocket attacks and car bombs........

it`s always been my view the the u.n. has been a clearing house for socialism anyhow.

thier record speaks for it`s self.

anyone who`s tanks and helmets are painted light blue aren`t really interested in soldiering.

am i the only one who sees this?