Monday, July 30, 2007


i have my critics.

i can class them safely into two groups.

the group of those who mean well and those who don`t.

there is a saying that goes "nobody wakes up looking to harm others."

it`s wrong.

there are those who`s sole intention upon rising is to interfere in the affairs of others, to varying degrees.

either personally or organisationally, tyrants abound.

and they love the law............. applied unreasonably and by force. little playground bullies.

one of the first clues into the psyche of an associate is how much they love the law.


BBC said...

Tyrants, the first thought that popped into my mind was.

G.W. Bush

A bible thumping Christian.

SJ said...

Agree some ppl seem to wake up looking for ways to mind everything but their own business.

Ricardo said...

Are you referring to some elements of our government here, stateside? I have to agree with BBC on this one.

But seriously, there are awful abuses of this around the world and it sickens me to think about it.

dr.alistair said...

it is equally applicable in any sort of relationship, political, social or in busuness.

it is the archetecture of the brains of humans to be this way.

dr.alistair said...

but in this specific instance i was, and still am, refering to a 100lb stick of a woman who is using the full process of the legal system to steal money from the father of her children.

she knows she`s merely staving off the inevitable, but she is living in her mortage free home knowing it is costing me money i don`t have to continue to chase her for a settlement, straining my resources and limiting my access to my career and stressing the children as a by-product of the on-going conflict between us.

she will have to pay her bill for the seperation eventually retroactive to our split, but as long as she can avoid court she can keep her tight little fist around the money, which i guess keeps her warm and cosy at night.

she and her lawyers have been laugheably known to read this blog on occasion so, "hi honey, keep whistling......but stop telling the kids shit that they can`t possibly understand, you miserable little person."

does that clarify things ricardo?

BBC said...

Ah, it was about a greedy woman then?

And greedy lawyers. There is a cure for that you know. Become a bum, have nothing, they can't take what you don't have and they will give up and go away.

Wait until they forget you, and then start again. I don't think your kids will care what you have as long as you are cheerful and love them.

And if they don't get that it is because society has already ruined them and they are lost to you anyway. Hugs.

dr.alistair said...

well, my kids know i love them because i`m in thier life consistantly but it is difficult to provide for them in the way i would like until we reconcile the civil suit.......and she`s determined to prolong this as long as possible.

X. Dell said...

Interesting link. I would love to see more research into the psychology and sociology of tyranny, and will do so when I get the chance.

One thing about tyrants here, however, is that they only love the law when it applies to others, not to themselves. BBC's example, for instance, has violated the Geneva and Vienna accords (to which the US is a signatory), has instigated illegal wiretaps without subpoena, and has outed CIA agents whose husbands piss him off, a/an (apparently pardonable) felony.

dr.alistair said...

the psychology and sociology of tyranny is the psychology and sociology of families.

all tyrants believe that the law is a tool (weapon) for thier soveriegn use.

just look at the language of parents.

dr.alistair said...

speaking of the psychology of tyranny, this brief glimpse into the behaviour of the btk killer dennis rader shows how he used his authority at the by-law office where he worked to freak out the niegbours by doing things like summarily executing thier dog.....because apparently it was barking.