Thursday, July 19, 2007

aliens pt.2

in the first part i laid out the history of what we are seeing and knowing as aliens and ufos.

in the second part i want to clarify something that has struck me for many years.

why it is so hard to believe stories about ufos and aliens.

in my field, that of psychotherapy, people bring me stories of thier lives.

many of the stories i`m told are unbelieveable, yet i am being told these things by people who believe them to be true. so true that they live thier lives according to these beliefs.

much like those who report lights in the sky, creatures in the woods and being abducted into flying examination rooms......these people firstly need to be believed.


the natural response is to ridicule someone when they say they went to venus with little green guys last night.

but if we validate the experience we can get to the next thing.

the next story.

the next report.

because it is in the safe confine of a trusting environment that we find that there are thousands of people who are reporting incedents of abductions and other encounters with beings from what seems like the twilight zone.

and so, whether these are actual physical experiences or dream type events, the process is consistant and valid as an artifact of human consciousness and needs to be adressed as such.

because we are consciously experiencing this stuff. it`s so real that it`s terrifying statistically real portions of our population.

so we need to stop laughing at people who seriously report this stuff.


BBC said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha...

Take them serious. Are you frigging nuts?

dr.alistair said...

so you are saying that anyone who doesn`t agree with your position doesn`t warrant your serious i right?

there are delusional people who report all manner of things, but there also sane people who report the extrorinary too.

how do we make the distinction?

there are those who make up the most outragious tales for fun and profit.....william smith for instance, who said that an angel gave him golden plates and special glasses to read the inscriptions on them.
he founded the mormon church based upon this tale.

many tales of apparitions have been made into religions.

christianity for example.

and you say you have a mission based on a dream you had some years ago and i take you on face value on that.

i think that the people who make thier lives based on thier experiences and try to show others a little of thier enlightenment can be taken seriously as long as the teacher and student can accept eachother as the relationship evolves......

but relationships change and the teacher and student can switch seats over time.

but when someone is stressed over an experience they have had i don`t summarily reject thier perception of what they saw or they won`t continue to communicate.

dr.alistair said...

actually it was joseph smith who founded the mormon church, william smith was my niegbour.

BBC said...

All I'm saying is, if you don't agree with me, you are wrong. :-)

And if there is any such thing as an alien that shows up on my doorstep I'm going to be gutting it out and finding out if it is part of the food chain.

I simply do not believe in such things if I haven't seen and experienced it myself.

dr.alistair said...

i think we all feel the same way actually.

i have experienced some odd things in my time here.

and trying to find out if these things are part of the food chain is precisely why i`m so curious about what it is about our consciousness that they find so appealing.

SJ said...

to venus with little green guys I would laff at that too green men are from mars.

Like a judge I accept the concept but in each particular case has to be proven. I've not heard a first hand account but then in my culture folks are more likely to attribute it to the supernatural than the other worldly.

BBC said...

I sure as hell hope that they don't taste like chicken (if they show up at all, and I'm sure they won't), so many things already taste like chicken.

I'll comment on that a bit on my blog in the morning.

"i have experienced some odd things in my time here."

As I have, but I don't expect to understand why for an other hundred or two hundred years.

Never mind that this body will be dead, that has nothing to do with my omnipresence.

dr.alistair said...

religiin has been trying to explain the metaphysical for 2000 years. now science is having it`s kick at the can, and it`s as entirely dogmatic as the fish-hat clan.

funny really.