Thursday, July 19, 2007


sj during our recent blogging has reminded me of my interest in aliens in our consciousness.

there have always been aliens in our consciousness. we have always been talking about aliens as far back as recorded history goes. and this record goes further back than linguistics.

in africa and australia and on the south mountain near phoenix arizona and probably everywhere where pre-literate man left his mark, on walls, hills and in caves, there is a record of something flying in the sky and of beings other than ourselves walking amongst us.

so what is going on?

is this a physical thing made up of nuts and bolts ships and flesh and bone creatures of intelligence.....or is this some 5th dimensional thing whereby we are becoming aware of other realms of existance through the appearance of lights and shapes in the sky and dreamlike sequences where we seem to be taken aboard craft and given examinations and messages of dire environmental consequence if we don`t seprate out our garbage?

carl jung suggested that there is some higher order of creativity in the power of the thoughts of all of us alive on the planet that he called the collective unconciousness and he directly suggested that ufos could be a by-product of this thinking.

one of the first government ufo investigator experts, a man named jacques vallee tended to agree that the reports some people had of encounters had a dream-like magical quality not unlike religious experiences reported by those witnessing events such as fatima in portugal.
three young women saw the virgin mary appear in a field one day and when they returned with others the same thing happened.
soon thousands of people saw similar things at fatima with crowds of thousands seeing lights dance in the sky and even an event so startling as to defy belief.
at one point the sun it`s self actually began to dance in the sky.

the three young girls who first reported the story said that mary had spoken to them and told of things that would happen in the future.

they told the pope and he kept it all a secret, in good religious fashion, adding to the mystery.

any casual inquiry fatima and other lights in the sky phenomina like the phoenix lights starts one on a path to a point where we reach the thought that maybe religion has something to do with this.

or that religion wants to claim the experience as thiers.

much as government does too.

and the politicians.

and why wouldn`t they all?

control belief and you control people.

control enough people and you control society.

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SJ said...

Uh oh now what have I started ...just kidding. I like to read about this interest.