Sunday, July 22, 2007

speaking of the pope.

i love the arrogance of catholicism......and pretty much every religion that believes it is the true word of um, "god".

he says that other christian faiths aren`t truly churches in that thier bishops can`t be traced back to jesus...........(@#$%^&!)

the catholic bishops were presbyrites that wandered around asia minor in the 3rd century pretty much inventing doctrine and dieties as they went.

it wasn`t until the council of nicea in the 3rd century that constantine, a roman emporor, decided to form the catholic (universal......) church by bringing these "bishops" together to form a consensus of religious rules so that there could be some consistancy in catholicism.

sort of a wal-mart of churches.

the jesus the pope was refering to had been dead for 300 years at this point and whatever connection any of these presbyrites had to the man had been lost in the mists of time by then.

this jesus fellow to which the pope refers was a rabbi from judea who claimed to be the son of god, and claimed that we were all also sons of god by the way............but constantine wanted his pope and himself to have that power and everyone else could get fucked............

but they were forgiven as long as they admitted how fucked they were each sunday.



SJ said...

Hmm you have a way of putting it.

dr.alistair said...

well, by offering to admit to some pre-determined sin you are forever giving up any control of your life......

and for what?

the promise of something, later.

meanwhile your life is on hold.

and you can come back again next sunday and admit it again.

and think abut how you will admit to it all week.

good way to live.

greg said...

I think confession is meant to be a healing. Its original intention is golden, too bad it becomes license, and a cultural rite.

I mean we're all fuckups, and it's nice to be told by a master you're forgiven and to keep trying. I suppose every little bit helps ...

dr.alistair said...

when we recognise the divinity within us we can forgive ourselves........

that`s my message.

that forgiveness washes away the pain of judgement once and for all.