Wednesday, July 04, 2007

another observation.

this time from someone else.

a woman who manages a large book store in our city.

we got onto the subject of shrinkage (theft.) and the types of things that people steal and how they do it.

she pointed out that by far the most popular type of book that people steal were the religious books and of the types of religious book stolen the buddhist titles were the ones that disappeared most.

any ideas why?


TidalGrrrl said...

Bibles and other religious and philosophy sell well on the re-sale market.

In my years at a bookstore these were the high shrink items as well.

dr.alistair said...

it has been my experience that some of the most agressive and hostile people are the religious.

they tend to be morally superior, and i guess in that state they justify thier theft.

the buddhists tend to be socialist and believe that money is repressive and that they have a duty to steal.....