Tuesday, July 10, 2007

mad popes........


like all popes before him, this one is a dipshit.

if you can`t build up your own value, then you drive down the competition.



and you see, popes are monarchs also. people don`t realise that the pope is king of the vatican which is a soveriegn nation.


BBC said...

Yes, the pope is a dipshit. But you failed to mention that he is also a fucking brainwashed idiot that spends a lot of time watching porn and jacking off.

Not to mention keeping the world fucked up with all that Catholic bullshit.

brad4d said...

Common Sense by Thomas Paine was the beat argument against monarchy that I have ever read. This pamphlet allowed the American revolution to free property ownership from monarchs. Like you point out , there is so much more work, the Trust is a vehicle that allows ownership of conceptual property in copyrights etc. A new value system could extend credit beyond currency. The information you present has great serviceability, thanks.

dr.alistair said...

brad4d, there are those who do take a stand against the unreasonable acts of government, but they generally find that the government has all the guns.

recently we have seen the militarisation of the police as a further show of force amongst the populace.

and they will shoot to kill.

the government has a diminishing confidence in the effect of the church to program people so they have to put the henchmen back on the streets.

we`ve been living in orwell`s dystopia for a long time.

dr.alistair said...


and thanks for the reference to thomas paine. he must have been quite the party guest........

dr.alistair said...

and bill, the pope is a bureaucrat like all others, drunk with power and smelling of liver pate.....amongst other things.