Saturday, December 31, 2005

time machine

i can`t state this any more clearly. i have discovered a time machine. one that we can all use. it`s a complex electrochemical device that comes with no instruction manual but for the ideas of those who realise that they are in possession of one.
the device i`m talking about is your mind.
we travel back and forward in time, in our minds, all the time. most of us don`t recognise the journey so much as the effect it has on our emotions. we come back from the trip with reactions in the form of feelings. these feelings create our present moments.
so really what is going on is a constant journey through time, merely touching down in the present for periods and then flying back and forth in what we have learned to call time.
calling this experience time travel is maybe a bit misleading but studies have shown that the brain reacts precisely the same way to remembered feeling than to a feeling experienced due to present events.
the hypothalamus is a structure in the brain that creates chemicals that we experience as emotion. when we remember events, the hypothalamus releases peptides that go into the blood stream and make us feel the same feelings as we felt the first time that we experienced the event. there are thousands of different emotions that we have the potential to experience and there are thousands of peptides that the brain can create to give us these feelings.
are the emotions seperate from the peptides?
the brain can`t tell.
the consciousness can`t tell.
when we go back, in our minds, to a past event and re-experience it our mind cannot tell the difference between the memory and the first time we experienced the event.
we are time travellers.
we also have control over how we remember what it was we remember, we`ve just forgotten how.
it`s my job to remind you.....................
stay tuned.

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