Thursday, September 21, 2006

arnold schwartzenegger...........

in the movie terminator II there is a scene late in the film where the robot, the boy and linda hamilton`s character are in the desert at the weapon camp and linda is watching the boy and the robot and she`s saying to herself that she realised then that the robot would never leave the boy no matter what. it`s my favorite scene in any movie...........ever, because it`s the realisation by a liberated woman that the father(figure) is valuable.
fathers aren`t trivial figures in children`s lives. they are protector, provider, leader, teacher, strength and relentless lover of thier children.

this is a message to all the women of the 21st century.........

children need thier fathers.

more than you need to be young and free again.........whatever that means.


rama said...

Hullo, I'm back after a 4-day trip. Wanted to share this piece with you:


dr.alistair said...

i grieve for an entire society that revels in being apart....... and for my children, at times, who thankfully are showing few signs of strain so far.

my own acceptance has helped that, i`m sure.

thanks for the comment rama.