Wednesday, September 13, 2006

the here and now.

there is only one moment in our experience.

our well-being exists in this perpetual now.

the illness and disease that we experience is a direct result of the neccesity we believe we have in a future. all of our psychic energy goes into what will happen in the future, or what has happened in the past. these constructs are fantasies that we create so that we can belong to modern society.

try to know, for a moment, that you are now existing in tomorrow.

did you succeed?

i didn`t think so.

so why is it that we put so much emphasis on this hallucination?

granted, we are existing in yesterday`s tommorow........but that`s a little bit of semantic fun......the reality is that we are always here and now. today. this instant.

it never stops.

why the emphasis?............materialism, consumerism......the accumilation of things. working hard to retire.............tommorow. a bigger house, more toys, blah, blah, blah.

all that does is makes us unhappy now, in the only place where reality exists.

so, what`s the cure?

focus on the moment, like a child. immerse yourself in the thing you are doing right now.......completely. do it with all of your being.

then go on to the next thing.

we don`t really have much of a choice though, when you think about it, do we?

so why get stressed about things that could happen in a place and time that never exists?

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