Saturday, September 16, 2006

an example of what i`ve learned.

i used to be terribly afraid of public speaking. terrified. avoid at all costs. run.

now i give lectures and run seminars and i look forward to being there up front getting people going.

how did that happen, you ask?

like this.

i went inside and imagined the most exciting thing that i could and saw it in perfect clarity. the colours, the sounds, the smells, the movement........everything.
in my case i chose a goal that i scored in a soccer game. it could be any event that is personal, exciting and stimulating to you that when you remember it, it makes you want to jump and shout like you did when you first experienced it.

so now you have that event in your mind.
you can run it over and over and make it brighter, louder and faster or whatever it takes to make the feelings grow. you can add extra stuff like yelling or more elements ( a bigger crowd ) and really ramp up the stimulation of the event in your mind.

in my scenario i added a larger crowd, more yelling and at the end, a trumpet fanfare. i get goose bumps just hearing the the horns right now.

this state is what i work to attain just before i go in front of a group of people. do you think i`m smiling?

it is impossible to be nervous and sick and ready to run when you feel that good, i promise you.

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