Saturday, September 16, 2006

lifting up the edge to see what`s underneath.

when we dare to do this we begin to grow.

when we constantly go back to the same old conflicts over and over, we get to the point where we have to say..........enough is enough.

a good friend asked me recently what i`d learned after going through a substantial change in my life. i answered evasively that i was determined to make fresh start, build my buisiness and begin to enjoy life again. though this answer was substantially true, it wasn`t what she wanted to know.

what i have learned is that we can`t continue to react the same way to situations.

when we react we are running a preconcieved program that says;

if this happens, then i`ll do this.

it`s a simple way to not have to think about things.............just run the program, right?

well, what happens is that new situations and people aren`t part of what you originally experienced when you pre-supposed.
so the issues can`t be dealt with the same way, now can they?

how would you like it if someone kept reacting to you the way they reacted to other situations in thier past and accused you of being part of those scenarios?

that would be painful and destructive.......yet that`s what we continue to do.

people keep nailing jesus to the cross every day.......over and over.

we do it to our selves too...........until we learn.

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