Friday, September 22, 2006

if only.........

we climbed out into the clearing and the table was already set. the waiter moved forward and offered a chair to her and she took it, not thinking.......still surprised at what she had come upon.
i had planned this for weeks in advance. i had asked a friend to go ahead up the hill before us and place a table, chairs and tablecloth, wine glasses, ice bucket and white wine and candle so that when we arrived he would be there to greet us as a waiter.
her shock was complete and delicious. we sat and my friend poured us a glass of wine and i said to him that that would be all, and he left us...........perfectly alone.
she had agreed to come for a hike on a warm summers night and i knew it was the perfect time for this. what amagical time to be alive.

if ever you meet a girl and you want her to be surprised then do this thing for her.......and let me know how it went.

because i never got the chance.

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