Thursday, September 07, 2006

the labyrinth.

this evening i walked the labyrinth for the first time. i was hesitant at first as i have a healthy respect for the subconscious and all that is resting there as a result of what i`ve experienced in the last year. i found that as i walked around i became calmer and even though no real thoughts formed or conclusions were drawn, i came away relaxed and at peace.
i only managed to complete half the journey, reaching the center and pausing there so as to instruct myself to process things into conscious thought in the next twelve hours. there was another person walking the path and he was agitated as he walked and i found his energy distracting so i cut my visit short.
i will go again soon. probably after dark when there is less likelyhood of distractions. the labyrinth is located in a public park with soccer fields and a community center so it is a busy place in the early evening.


rama said...

This sounds awesome, with so many creative resonances and associations!

Your blogging break - has visibly refreshed your writing. Though you said that you need to find inspirtatin to write again - its there already in you, so you don't have to look anywhere! I'm enjoying your posts! Best, rama

dr.alistair said...

thanks for saying so rama.......i feel a different energy in my thinking.....if not refreshment then a new perspective.