Saturday, September 23, 2006

what the bleep..........?

what the bleep to we know?

when we look at the surface of our skin very carefully we see individual hairs and freckles and skin cells and the odd scar or two.

if we magnify this image ten times we see individual cells and blood vessels and nerves and anti-bodies and plasma and all the small things that make up our bodies.

if we jump another ten-fold magnification we will see the chemical composition of the structures and thier molecular makeup.

if we go another jump in magnification we are into the interior of the molecules to the atomic character of matter, where science begins to lose it`s clear understanding of what is going on.

so if we go on further magnification we discover........nothing but empty space filled with the changing pulse of energy.

whatever that is.

emotion? thought? desire? intent?


absolutely nothing, according to science. other words.

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