Tuesday, September 26, 2006


honesty is the best policy. not with others but with one`s self. it is the most difficult task at times. we love to bullshit ourselves about things.........
and that`s ok.
but when it comes to the really serious stuff, the life and death issues, then we need to brace ourselves for the truth.
because, my friends, after a while you need to have your self-respect.

tell yourself it`s ok to buy another guitar. they are all beautiful, so another one won`t hurt one bit........and the others will understand.

but when the girl can`t make her mind up........and it`s killing you every minute, and you can`t get her out of your mind............make it for her.

you know what i mean.

make a decision that makes it work for you. now.

i know what you are thinking, what about the what-ifs?

the what-if list is a mile long and it will bury you in never making a decision.

people spend thier whole lives on the sideline saying what if................


the only thing you have that is worthwhile is your peace-of-mind. there isn`t enough money in the world that can change that. get the peace-of-mind and the rest falls into place.

so it comes back to honesty doesn`t it?

you know when the time is right. wait for it. stalk it, and when it arrives jump at the opportunity to lay it all out.

you`ll feel better about things when you do. and no matter what happens next in someone else`s mind, you will start to get better.

i promise.


rama said...

You said it brother, and it needs to be said! Others can decide all kinds of things. But I can decide something for myself - my freedom from anguish, my peace of mind, Best, rama

dr.alistair said...

yep.........i guess experience is the best teacher.
and then the guts to be honest about what you`ve learned!
that`s been the theme of my summer. glad it`s over but, the experience was invaluable.
that last sentance was hard to write. how can one be grateful for so much pain?