Sunday, September 10, 2006

my sister and her horse.

this is a picture of my little sister abbie and her horse arawin at her farm on a hill in wiltshire, england. the rolling hills behind her lead to salisbury palin and stonehenge. this whole area is a place of magic and wonder, and a great place to raise horses.


rama said...

This brought to mind the Wiltshire landscape from my trips - long ago - between London and Swindon. This is a mystic terrain, of the ancient druids, and the mysterious markings on the hills... Best, rama

dr.alistair said...

yes, i grew up just outside london in atown called reading. we lived in a village called tilehurst which was established by the romans to make bricks and tiles, hence the name. my youth was spent looking at the wonders and mysteries of the south of england. i miss it all terribly.