Wednesday, September 27, 2006


i noticed today that over te past few months there have been an accumilation of comments that have gone unmoderated. this has been for a number of reasons. firstly, i was without a computer for a few weeks and was unable to physically comment, and then, quite franky, i was at a point where posting and comments were difficult due to personal challenges.
i am going through the comments folder now and, hopefully, should be able to reply to people who were gracious to comment on my wild speculation and ego-driven rants within the next few days.

thanks for posting and keep on reading.........who knows, i might learn something!


anu said...

Hello Dr. Alistair :)

I was delighted to see you visit and comment on my blog. Thank you.

How are you doing? Have you settled down a bit after the moving?

How is life right now.

Hugs :)

dr.alistair said...

anu, hello and thanks for the hugs..... :)

life is in the roller-coaster phase and i will just have to bear with it for the next few months. there are good days and then there are days shaded by irony, sadness and some head-scratching as to the point of it all.

and then i remember who i am and get on with it.

i am a human god.

a spirit caught in flesh.

anu said...

I've always felt similarly. I've felt we are all prince and princesses and gods and goddesses, in disguise.

When I remind myself of this, I immediately feel better and conduct myself with the highest grace, learning and joy which is possible at that particular moment, as you see, we ARE infact gifted with these as a part of our ancient lineage.

dr.alistair said...

choose good feelings for no reason.

but if you must have a reason, royalty is a good one.