Saturday, September 16, 2006

the dialogue never stops.........

the dialogue i`m refering to is the one in your head.........

the one that just questioned the last sentence you read.

we are so unconscious of this chatter that when it stops for whatever reason we are surprised.

then we go right on talking to ourselves.

the meditative arts strive to stop the dialogue and remain in silence. it`s hard to do and takes a long time sitting quietly and detaching from thoughts and feelings. many practice all thier lives striving for stillness and silence and never find it.

who`s to judge what practice is correct or appropriate for someone. my personal view is that too much time spent meditating eats into my interaction with life......the people, places and things that are the everything that is interesting to me alive on this planet right now. if my activities don`t lead to a person a place or a thing then i feel cut off in some profound way.

now, before the yoga and meditation types start hammering the keys, let me repeat what i said before............who`s to judge what`s correct or appropriate for someone........if you find strength and purpose and peace sitting quietly on a mat then that`s beautiful, but here`s the thing. the dialog creates the world.


we live in a linguistic construct.

there is no way out for the talking carnivore.

"i think i`ll type in my blog" i said to myself........and here i am.

without the internal self-referencing there would be no action.

that`s why the yogi never succeeds............otherwise he`d never rise from the mat.

the reason why so many are drawn to yoga and other forms of meditation is that it stops the chatter that irritates them.
if your dialog irritates you then by all means learn to turn it off. that would be like turning off horrid t.v. or a yappy dog or a boring professor.

but what if you could simply and easily learn to talk to yourself in nicer ways? better tonality and more encouraging ideas.......
well, you can. it`s simple. the next time you realise that you are nagging the shit out of yourself , say "shut the fuck up" your head, of course, and then smile. because it`s funny.

people that i work with tell themselves to shut the fuck up all the time, and smile, knowing that they are winning the game of life.

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