Tuesday, September 19, 2006

running fast.

allow me to indulge the obsessive athlete in me for a moment or two..............

this is one of my favorite nlp execises. it exemplifies how our ability to visualise our reality drives our brain chemistry to make our bodies do what we want.

imagine running. imagine running really fast. so fast that your heartbeat is hammering in your ears and your lungs feel like they`re going to explode and your legs are so tight they feel like the muscle is goingt to tear off the bone.
really build up the sensations in your imagination.
if you have a hard time getting the right feelings as you sit thinking, go out and actually run hard for a moment or two.
now you have the body sensations.......relax and breathe comfortably as you build an internal picture of yourself running hard yet relaxed. powerfully launch yourself forward like a big hunting cat across the savannah racing toward a deer......like a rocket. feel your legs pumping, you heart pounding and your lungs bursting to get oxygen to the muscles as they go.

as you blast forward toward your target, notice at the side of your vision there are trees or fence posts that go by like light poles on the highway, giving you a sense of speed. like in a video game of driving fast through city streets. notice as you run harder and faster that the posts move by ever more quickly at the edge of your vision. concentrate hard on this aspect of your vision and as you are fully aware of both your body straining and what you see whizzing by out of the corner of your eye....................

make the posts go by at double the speed.

bang. did you feel the adrenalin dump?

i did as i typed. each time i do this exercise i get a thrill because as fast as we can run we know we can go faster.

in athletics this is called overrunning. it is done by being towed behind a car or running hard downhill. it trains the body to accept the idea of going faster than the mind though possible and has the effect of building new neural pathways in the mind that will be expressed in the body over time.

the exercise above has a similar effect.

i also make a racing car sound as i want to accelerate during a sccer game. this does a similar thing to the body. it dumps neuro-transmitter chemicals into the body that emulate the sensation of speed. little kids to this all the time, and get the desired response.

being at play makes the neurology do it`s best.

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