Sunday, September 10, 2006

my religion.......

the religion that i start......or i guess i am starting......or perpetuating is one of joy and unconditional love for one`s self.

why is that so important?

simply because if you are totally in love with yourself you aren`t likely to be at risk of the types of destructive behaviours that people engage in on a daily basis that makes life difficult.

this is a short list of things that we engage in when we forget to love ourselves unconditionally;


this list reminds me of the emotional state of the dogmatists and lovers of laws and moralist that are trying to make others do what the want them to do in the name of god. thou shall not............

i say, thou yourself unconditionally and accept yourself and get away from relationships and situations where you are conditionally accepted.

otherwise you will live a life limited to the list above.


Yves said...

Anger and frustration are natural emotions like fear, grief, boredom and so on, which are all there to protect us and prod us into appropriate action.

Failure to deal with emotions leads to anxiety and depression, which are forms of illness in which the body tries to cope with the stress put upon it by an intellect which denies the importance of acknowledging and acting on emotions.

Judgement and guilt have their uses. We have to judge situations. Guilt is an appropriate response to conscience. The problem is when it persists, even after we have done our best to make amends. Recrimination and revenge result from a distorted view of life and our relation to others.

I don't know any way of being able to love oneself other than being loved.

I hope you won't start a religion, Alistair, as there are already enough of them. But I thank you for raising these important points and giving others a chance to brood on them and enter a conversation with you.

dr.alistair said...

yves, it is interesting that you warn against starting a religion. i do a fair bit of work with groups. i do seminars and motivation workshops and there are those who accuse me of cult behaviour. they tend to be dogmatic christians and are possibly envious........ who knows.

i won`t start a religion, but i would like to be known for helping people begin to love themselves unconditionally. i would see that as the ultimate practical joke on the dogmatists who see love and humour as crimes.........