Tuesday, September 19, 2006

spirituality and enlightenment.

the traditional view of spirituality and enlightenment is one of dedication, discipline and a pious respect for the universe. while this is true and valid in the modern world, there comes a time when one has to say fuck it and just break down and pay for sex.
not neccesarily in an overt dollars-for-service way, but in a precise and determined ritualistic fashion that both parties to the first part are in agreement with. you know, dinner, dancing blah, blah.........a walk down the riverside.
to some this may seem sexist or chauvanistic, but i`ve learned recently that the traditional ethical nice guy approach gets you sitting on the back burner rapidly.
wearing my daytime nice-guy hat is the honest, heart-on-my-sleeve approach which is my authentic self. the evolving shaman/healer. the guy who makes healing happen.
the other hat is the one that sits on top of a guy who is sick of sitting alone with my fortune and letting myself feel sorry for my situation.

so i guess it`s time to make an investment...........

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