Saturday, September 16, 2006

then what?

once you have shut the irritating voice up substantially then you can begin to encourage yourself, make yourself smile and generally begin to expect the miraculous........because this is what happens when you take over your consciousness and begin to start driving the bus. all the good things you would like in your life begin to arrive.
because, as you learned in the last post, the dialog creates reality.

have you ever been around calm, happy people for any length of time? it starts to rub off and you become calm and happy too.

imagine what a person like that says to themselves all day............

they certainly recognise some nice things going on around them and think that nice things are going to happen........and they do. like you noticing how happy and calm they are. that`s a good place to start.

calm, happy people make better decisions and are generally more effective in thier work.

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