Wednesday, September 13, 2006

the highest purpose in all this.......

i discovered something recently that was a reminder of what makes everything work perfectly in this existance. i discovered the unconditional love for everything........myself included.

now that`s all well and good, but what about the difficult, painful experiences.....the ones that you wish would end but just continue relentlessly?

you have to look for the highest purpose in what they are doing in your life. right now.

i broke my ankle a week ago friday. i tried twice after that to play soccer but the pain got worse each time and so i got x-rays, which confirmed the break.

i won`t be playing soccer for quite a while. i can walk, ride a bike, lift weights and most everything else but run..........and there`s the key.

no more running.

soccer has been an escape for me. when i`m running i`m free. but now is the time to face all that has happened in my life this last year and get right back to work and life and passion and creativity. soccer will be there when i am healed, but for now i will be forced to walk for a while and take stock in everything.

so that`s the highest purpose in such a painful experience.


rama said...

Hullo! You are back, and I AM glad! Hope things are going well! Best, rama

rama said...

I just read through all your posts - since your break. Yes, without doubt, you are a new person, with a fresh, direct, clear perception and voice. All strength to you, in your living, working - and blogging. You play the guitar, I sing. I wish I could meet you, and make some music together! Best, rama

dr.alistair said...

thanks for your observation rama.......i have been tested deeply this last few months and i am so grateful to be able to come through it all with some grace and, well, my head still on my shoulders.

it would be good to meet you too......and i will try to sing also. that`s what ive been trying to do recently with varying results.

whatacharacter said...

Nice thoughts and realizations. Not nice to have you laid up. At least guitar can be played sitting ...

I thank you for promoting the love-thing concept, which I think gets somehow overlooked, or dismissed due it's simplicity (and perhaps for some, its un-relatability).

I don't know if it's "all you need," but it's probably the best hope for the world!

Rock on!

dr.alistair said...

thanks for the comments greg.

love is the answer. it is also the question and everything else we can percieve. it is love that is the generator of all of this that we observe each day.

best hope for the world.....?

i would say so.