Saturday, September 09, 2006

the collective unconscious.

carl jung was a psychologist who was a contemporary of freud but who`s views of psychology differed from freud`s in many ways. it is not important here the differences in thier viewpoints so much as what jung believed about our spiritual consciousness. he believed that we transmit all of our thoughts into a bank that he called the collective unconscious. this collective unconscious is accessable by people who are sensitive enough or are sensitized enough due to experience of an intense nature. the collective unconscious communicates to us all through dreams, visions, metaphors, coincedances, signs, portents, omens, meaningful occurances or the simple words of a child. the entire world we live in is a transmitter of messages from the collective unconscious back to us. it is beaming messages all the time. from the moment we are born to the moment we die..................and deyond.

we have just lost the ability to stay focused on it for some reason.

that reason may just be modern society.

my adventure in the labyrinth was just the begining of my journey back to the collective unconscious. the intuitive realm of the shaman.......the intuitive healer........the artist.

to heal myself.

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