Wednesday, December 28, 2005

acting within our highest purpose.

would you like to act within your highest purpose?
do you know what it is?
have you acted that way before?
these questions are the challenge to the spirit that we call being alive.
acting out of the highest purpose means that you must ask what the highest purpose in your action is.
each thing of significance that we do has a hierarchy of purpose. i suppose the mundane things we do have a hierarchy too, but for the purposes of our discussion i`m going to focus on significant actions.
significant actions are those things that are acts of responsibility. those things that will have meaningful outcomes that will effect the lives of yourself and of others.
o.k. so now we can see that there are mundane, or trivial acts and there are more important acts that we perform.
the important acts can be taken on in a noncommittal way or with a focussed purpose. the focussed purpose is where our growth lies and the focus sharpens when we choose to see the highest purpose in what we do.
we can choose to sell products for a living. we can sell stereo equipment in a mall and get the highest commisions possible by way of pressure selling to every person who walks through the door or.........we can learn about communication and the passion people have for music and stereo equipment and find a place where those feelings converge and deliver our skills as a salesman in a different way. a way where people come to discover a passionate enjoyment of audio equipment and music. your role then woud be to share felings about these things and find the best products and provide the best service to accompany the purchase for your client.
this process can be applied to any endevour we undertake in our lives, from making dinner to planning a career.
the highest purpose in anything we do is the thing that has the strongest emotional and spiritual value.
working as a real estate agent can be a chase for commisions or it can be a passionate desire to find homes for families to live thier lives. the choice as to how to frame your role in the activity is what dictates the outcome. now.
who would you want working for you, he commision hound or the person involved in finding a new home for you and your family?

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