Saturday, December 24, 2005

the day before christmas.

so here we are, the day before christmas, already hung over from too many trips to the mall and dinners with friends and friends of friends. christ, i don`t usually eat this much in a month.
what`s it all about?
well, it seems to be about consuming at a rapid pace so that more will be produced to consume. i can`t see any other point to it all. we aren`t any happier, or more enlightened, or richer or healthier because of it all. but more stuff has been produced.
an economist friend of mine once said to a room full of people that if everyone just bought stuff everything would be o.k.
he has a point, in a perverse sort of a way. we live in a society based on consumption of material goods. as long as the stores are doing well then we will be happy.
retailers are banking on a good pre-christmas spend for a large portion of thier years income. we are the ones held responsible for this outcome. we are the ones who are trying to reduce our debts on the one hand and on the other we are the ones holding up the economy by buying more than we need. the indiscriminant spending that we do "for the children" is keeping the factories in production for another year.
how the hell did we get to this point?
do i feel guilty because i didn`t do quite enough this year by not buying my children everything they wanted?
when people ask me what the true meaning of christmas is i have to say that it`s to keep the economy going.
thankfully we have 364 days left to celebrate our life.

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