Sunday, December 18, 2005

emotion = reality.

emotion equals reality. really? there are those who believe that reality is fixed and that we arrive at it after it was formed and they experience it in an objective, solid way. that`s how we are raised to see the world, so it operates that way. until one day we become irritated at things early on in the morning. it may be an innocuous little thing like burning the toast or erasing a bunch of important e-mails or stubbing your big toe on the leg of the bed or running out of toilet paper. whatever it is seems to set off a series of events that result in a huge fight with the girlfriend or the boss or crashing the car in the parking garage.
are these seemingly disparate events connected?
well, the common element is you, isn`t it?
could it be that as your day went along you set up a resonance with negative outcomes that attracted more of the same?
physics works on resonance. it works like this. energy has frequency. that is it vibrates up and down as it moves along. this creates the sine wave we`ve all seen in text books when describing electricity or whatever. the hieght of the wave is known as amplitude. the modulation is the time taken for the wave to complete a cycle. together they describe the wave form. this wave form is the physical character of the wave. it likes to find waves that are like it`s self. this is resonance. all things in physical form resonate when coming into contact with something which carries the same waveform.
an opera singer hits the frequencs that matches a crack in a crystal glass and it will shatter.
a violin string will resonate with the body of the violin, creating the familiar sound when plucked or bowed.
earthquakes shake the ground, sending energy through the earth until it hits objects that aren`t designed to withstand the resonance and buildings, bridges and other structures collapse.
people work this way too.
we come together in like-minded groups because thoughts resonate on specific frequencies. we are drawn to people who are at similar stages of learning, interest and developement. these relationships are called life lessons, karma or a variety of other names. the fact remains that we match frequency of thought and spirit with those who are consistantly in our lives.
sometimes a person takes on new learnings or finally picks up with thier life path and it creates a disharmony with those around them and can cause pain, anger and distrust, causing the person to distrust thier path.
this is a challenge to be meditated upon.
our spirit knows the truth and can recognise where we resonate best. as we get older the lessons start to repeat to the point where we really have to work hard to ignore the message.
when we resonate in harmony all things are possible.
from a purely physical, mathmatical standpoint when we set up a resonance with another we create a second frequency which is called an harmonic. this harmonic is a new frequency which is the higher purpose of the union of the first two.
in marriage this is the home, the children and the love. in music it is a new, comlimentary note singing in harmony and adding to the melody.
in thought it is what comes next when we consistantly hold emotion in our bodies and mind long enough.
this is the practice and truth of prayer, of visualisation and of incantation.
they all work equally well when done right.
from the heart.

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