Saturday, December 31, 2005

smile test.

here`s a test to see if you can tell if a smile is genuine or not.
let me know how you did. it`s a lot of fun. the test is made up of 20 short videos of people smiling. you have to figure out which of the people are smiling genuinely.
once i get the results from you, i`ll let you know how the guru did.;-)


McCoy said...

That was fun. I got 14 correct. Of the six I missed, four were fakes, and two genuine.

dr.alistair said...

yes it is fun. i missed five of them and the two genuine smiles that i missed still seem ambiguous at best. it is interesting that artists seem to better than most at recognising true emotion. i tend to get information kinaesthetically, that is i feel what the other person is feeling. i find that much more accurate than the metrics of eye movement and eye brow movement in relation to smiles. those little videos don`t include changes in breathing, skin lividity and other changes in a person`s physiology when actually experiencing emotions that you can deduce from being in contact with a living person.