Wednesday, December 21, 2005

depression and anxiety.

depression and anxiety are the two polarised aspects of the consciousness outside of the moment. they are created states. depression is the loss of something in the past and anxiety is fear of something happening in the future.
when we are fully in the moment, that is absorbed in comfortable existance, then we don`t behave depressed of anxious.
so how do we find ourselves either depressed of anxious?
i am not going to pretend to have answers as to the cause of depression and anxiety and there may be a genetic component to these states that give someone a greater potential for manifesting these traits as a rsponse to situations, but the fact remains that they are reactions to situations and as such we can train ourselves to react differently.
the medical industry wants to give us pills for everything. they have triumphed over diseases and surgeries have repaired broken and damaged bodies. these are true miracles, but when it comes to anxiety and depression the medical industry has provided cures that are at least as bad as the simptoms themselves.
so what does the anxious or depressed person do?
the cause of the state is created and promoted by the environment externally and internally and continues to reinstall the state in an emotional inertia.
the only way to break the inertia is to exert force upon it from an external source. physically speaking, inertia is defined as a body in motion continues in motion in a straight line unless acted on by an external force.
this is true of the mind also.
the external force is a thought or action that inflicts force upon the thoughts creating the state of depression or anxiety.
the anxious person paces up and down, chews thier lip and obsseses on what could happen next.
the depressed person lies in bed, drinks and eats too much and wishes things could have worked out differently.
these behaviours are changed instantly if the place where they are occuring catches on fire.
a house fire is a cure for all mental illnesses..........temporarily.
the housefire we need to create is the ability to switch on our thinking processes to jump start our internal ability to imagine new possibities in our minds.
in our minds. this is where we are doing anxiety or depression.
we think the sky is falling. we see it happening in clear and vivid detail. we even see the buildings containing our loved ones flattened. this causes our brains to release chemicals into our bloodstream that make us feel as if the sky did actually fall on our children.
don`t do this to yourself..
try looking in the mirror and grinning like an idiot. an idiot will smile back!
smile again and you will feel like smiling more. the sky`s not falling if you`re smiling. (look outside if you don`t believe me.)
then go and do what ever you need to do.
be anxious for a moment but keep remembering to smile like you smiled and felt good.
it`s what people who feel good do.
they may have been doing it for longer. selfish, grinning bastards!
there isn`t any magical secret to it. it`s just a matter of what you`ve been doing for a while. smile more for a while and you`ll remember to smile first.
it`s sophisticated brain chemistry.
we are all experts at it .
that`s good news.
good enough to smile about. now.

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