Monday, December 19, 2005

seing it happen and feeling it like it is happening now.

the power of visualisation is boundless. we create our reality this way and it goes on forever.
you may not realise that it does until you think about stopping it.
you can`t because it`s boundless.
in the material, cause and effect reality that we are proving here we need causes to have effects. this id what creates our consumer culture.
other cultures create thier reality in different ways.
there is a tribe of indians that pray for rain. and it rains........
the shaman does his ceremonial dance and seees the rain and feels the rain and feels the mud of the soaking earth between his toes. he holds this image in his mind, deep in the ritual trance until he has done enough and then he goes and has dinner. because he`s hungry from the job he`s done and he is certain that the rain will come.
this isn`t hit and miss. this is technology.
it is the technology of the kinesthetic response. the technology of what we feel effecting our reality.
the implications of this are staggering and put the responsibility on us fro what we allow ourselves to feel.
by getting caught up in all the uptight end-game struggles of ego and power and money we have, as a society, set ourselves up for more of the same struggles by feeling so strongly about conflict and boundaries that we are bound to get more of the same.
just like the shaman knowing it was going to rain.
the solution? choose good, strong, genuine feelings of love, compassion and abundance to upload each day. really feel them with certainty now.
spend the time to fill your bodies cells with unconditional love. smile and spin the molecules of your substance around. you know how to do it. see the good things happening now and see where the feelings go......into your guts and down your legs, up into your arms, across your face and into your scalp and down your spine. the feelings race around all over if you let them. are you letting them now?
are you smiling?
what do you feel like doing next?
the choice is yours.

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