Thursday, December 08, 2005

what franklin d. said......................

he said; fear is an illusion, if you us the same energy to be confident, the most wonderful things can happen.
yes. absolutely.
our feelings are the result of our nervous systems communicating, neuron by nueron, throughout the body.
this process is unnoticable most of the time, but imagine a memory of something that thrilled you. doing better than you ever imagined possible, the pretty girl looking and smiling at you, hitting the ball perfectly, watching your friend open the perfect gift that you bought for her.
these scenarios are run in our mind in the form of pictures and movies and sounds and voices that we can amplify now to increase the sense of what we are looking at and hearing.
go inside now and pick your favorite memory and see what you saw and hear what you heard and work with the images and sounds until you feel the feelings inside. recognise the sensations?
now double it.............
where is it spinning?
does it thrill you, if for a split second?
of course it does. you are human.
most of the time we go through our day doing precisely this thing and getting the feelings inside that make us do the next thing and the next thing, but do we ever deliberately choose a good memory or imagined outcome and amplify
i think we have all done it to a degree, but what i`m suggesting is more than that. i`m suggesting going after a black belt in creating unimaginably pleasurable ideas and outcomes in your mind and running them out until you can barely stand it and then doing the stuff you do in your day with a smile on your face.
things are bound to go well with that attitude.
i promise.

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martin said...

Hello Alistair, I heard your talk on Radio Orbit (via the excllent Tim Boucher blog). I enjoyed it so much I've just purchased your relaxation CD and am looking forward to a chilled-out Christmas.