Sunday, December 04, 2005


i just realised that i have no idea how to spell concedence properly. is it coincedance, dense, or otherwise? is it important?.....probably yes, somewhere to someone.
anyhow, coincedence is an interesting thing. we`ve all experienced a series of events that are connected in a way that makes us feel that they are happening for some reason.
there`s that word again.
it`s a trap that makes us intellectualise a process.
the flow of energy is our consciousness experiencing things.
reason stops the flow.
the coincedences are the flow of our energy connecting with the flow of the universe.
the signal that this is happening is a similarity of events. a sort of cosmic yoohoo! that lets us recognise the process.
to try to add reason by putting facts together and saying it must mean something is going to happen or whatever misses the point that we are energy flowing together on a ground of awareness.
the critical mind wants to say , well, it must mean something else. no it doesn`t. that`s only a need that the ego has. it doesn`t mean that it must be so.
once you focus on the meaning of all this the energy flow stops. if you want the energy to beging to flow again, merely stop thinking.
how to stop thinking?
hum a tune, cross your eyes and look into the distance or really look hard at things without criticising,and the internal dialog will eventually wind down.
when we learn to allow pure imput without dialog in our minds, then we join the flow. once we join the flow coincedence happen as a byproduct.
roadsigns on the way to connectedness.


Brent said...

coincidence comes from the same latin roots as coincide.

Zeno Izen said...

You can use google to look up the spelling of words

dr.alistair said...

thanks guys..... i guess i was trying to be too cute and ironic.