Monday, December 12, 2005

because i feel like it.

i just finished listening to an interview with gregg braden on the art bell show. gregg said that the feelings we have are the things that create our reality. he said that a russian physicist took a pipe and pumped the air out of it creating a vacuum. then he mapped the photons in the tube and established that they were random. he then introduced human dna into the pipe and remeasured the photons. the photon patterned themselves after the dna strands. he then removed the dna and the photons held the pattern.
further experiments show that human emotion can effect the shape and tension on the strands of dna. compassion, love and forgiveness allow the strands to relax and unwind, yet anger, hostility and hate make the strands wind up tightly.
he went on to say that the teachings of ancient prophets such as isiah from the bible and a great many others from history have taught that emotions create our reality. we love we get love surrounding us, we hate and it manifests it`s self in our world.
in my postings here i have talked about the precise ways in which we see and hear images and movies and hear voices and sounds in our minds that create feelings in our bodies. i have talked about how we can precisely create specific images and sounds by using our memories and creative abilities to make our bodies experience the most powerful and positive feelings to access the most resourceful states imaginable to live our lives.
gregg braden allows me to scientifically back up all that i`ve known intuitively since i was a small child.

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