Wednesday, December 28, 2005

a clarification.

there have been those who, for whatever reason, have wanted to have religious or theological discussions here. this is not the place for discussions about gamerules. this is a blog about consciousness and man`s interaction with reality in whatever forms it comes.
religion and it`s handmaidens have, for centuries, demanded control and obedience from it`s adherents. this is cult behaviour. it is useful as the companion to government in that it gives rules, regulations and the threat of penalties to those who don`t obey. it keeps the peace.
religion is absolutely and completely nothing to do with spirituality, divinity and metaphysics. those areas are the domain of spirituality, divinity and metaphysics. see how easy that is? the words themselves describe the field they cover.
there are some religious people who have spiritual, divine and metaphysical experiences in spite of the religious rules denying this should happen. this is bound to happen given the divine, spiritual and metaphysical nature of human consciousness. we are all bound to have these things happen to us, in or outside of a church, for the simple reason that we are alive.
we are to know the divine as we open our eyes in the morning, not filtered through the words in a book of any description, but by merely making observations. it`s all divine. it`s all a miracle. and and it`s boundlessly mysterious. i doubt anyone will ever find out what`s going on and live to tell the tale. the best we can hope for is that we learn from experience and fill our hearts with the joy of being alive every chance we can get.......not because we owe anyone anything, but because it just makes sense to choose good feelings......for whatever reason, or for no reason at all.
there`s a new year coming, boys and girls, and i would like to think we could throw some smiles around in the coming months like grenades that will explode in amongst people you`ve never met and they will be hit with the feeling that they should smile too. and thier lives will be forever ruined for anything but another smile.
or we can fuck off back to being miserable.
let me know what you think. those of you who are reading and thinking about things in response to what i`m a line or two in response and let`s get the party going. i dare you to. ;-)


martin said...

ok, I'll give the staff at S***bucks a gigantic smile this morning and report back. Cheers!

dr.alistair said...

i believe it`ll work at s***bucks as well as anywhere else. make mine a triple long espresso in a tall cup.

heidi said...

Sometime in the early 80's, I learned that athletic performance is enhanced by smiling. Some article in the NY Times Science Section, must have been. The mechanism was ill-understood (or at least poorly explained) at the time - which didn't bother me at all once I tested it and discovered my workouts were more productive when I smiled.

Grit it out? or grin it out? Olympians say (b).

dr.alistair said...

there is nothing that strikes fear in the hearts of a defender more than a smiling striker. :-D