Wednesday, December 07, 2005

everything you know is wrong.

everything you know is wrong.
me too.
certainty makes us stupid.
it`s only uncertainty that makes us resourseful enough to look for answers and solutions. it took me a while to wrap my head around that one. it dawned on you in a few moments. i wish someone had made that clear for me a while ago, but here we are certain enough to be uncertain about things and go in search of answers.
how many times have you known someone was wrong yet they were so sure they were right and refused to look at another way of approaching the situation?
was that you?
the great thing is that we can now take the uncertain approach out into the street and apply it to the next series of situations and smile as we realise that things aren`t set in stone. what seemed like a crisis moments ago or to someone else now appears as an opportunity to exert flexibility and actually assume there is an answer.
you just haven`t uncovered the right stone yet.
you don`t have to turn every stone over either, just keep going until you turn over the one that`s covering your answer.
then go about your day.
look people right in the eyes and smile.
"hello" will be the next thing that comes out of thier mouth.
only the ego needs to be certain. we just need to smile.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the route to this note. It's like: remember that we often make ourselves 'right' and others 'wrong', justify our opinion and continue to view the world the way we view the world.

It's a reminder to be open to possibility.

Have a great day!


dr.alistair said...

yes. it`s all about tolerating the opinion of others. i read about how improve comedians work together to create what seems like the impossible, to the audience, but is based on basic rigid structures. the one rule that i liked was that the comedians must accept and support whatever is said by the others and create from there. this gives athe appearance of a seamless presentation, yet is flying by the seat of the pants.
just like a conversation. same art, different stage.