Thursday, December 01, 2005

what science doesn`t know.

what science doesn`t know is that we are a living time machine. we are the combined dna of generations of mothers and fathers donating thier genetic material to the process of us becoming born.
what science doesn`t know is that we have a physical connection to the experiences that our ancestors lived. well, they know it, but the scientists refuse to go beyond what they can measure out of the process. what they can`t measure is anything that occurs in the consciousness that connects us to our past. our feelings, desires, and atributes that we share with people that are long dead.
the stories are myriad that directly connect the knowledge of the living with the experiences of the dead.
past life regression is a hypnotic tool that i apply to clients that allow them to have a direct (organic) cellular dialog with thier ancestors. through many incarnations my clients re-experience vivid and meaningful snippets of lives lived in the past that have direct and theraputic effect, sometimes providing profound and life-changing breakthroughs in a persons life.
this cellular memory is contained in the same way that eye colour, hieght, aptitude and a hundred million other traits are contained. in the dna. the dna is an encoding mechanism made of protiens that are so complex as to be virtually infinite. science has found areas in the chains that they refer to junk or spare. why would such a profoundly complex and powerful mechanism contain junk? well, it`s only an opinion brought forth by an analytical tool that has failed to find answers yet, and defending thier position.
what we can gain from this is a tool for inquiring into the history of our species in a remarkable way. by talking to the cells themselves. the so called junk dna is a recepticle for historic memory of the species.
what a concept.

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