Friday, December 02, 2005

this is for you.

the really cool thing is that this is all about you. every thing you read here will be responded to by you in precisely the measure of your consciousness. you are now naked to yourself as you read these words. the pictures, words and feelings you are experiencing right this second are the precise quantity of your soul upon this earth.
it can be staggeringly frightening to realise that we have this much power ofer reality.
it`s scarier that that though.
it`s simply a fact that the entire universe as you know it is created by you. now.
and now.
and now.
it never stops.
it never becomes someone elses job to keep the ball rolling.
forom the moment you were born you have been creating this entire world all by your self.
well done.
i like the colours.
and the kisses are sublime.
thank you. (me).

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