Monday, December 05, 2005

things i need for cats to understand.

there a few things i need for cats to understand. firstly, i`d like for them to know that i find them wonderful companions, in spite of thier habits, which is the reason i`m off on a tangent here today.
i live with three of the little (not so little.) buggers, and i wouldn`t change a thing. it`s just that i wish they would understand a thing or two about humans. i believe it would help thier enjoyment of the space we share.
firstly; it`s not a good idea to get under my feet as i`m moving toward your food bowls. if you trip me i will, in all likeleyhood, land on you. this will hurt.
secondly; please refrain from standing on my chest at three in the morning. god knows how long you`ve been standing there, but it`s extremenly disconcerting to see your beady eyes peering at me when i open my eyes from a deep sleep.
thirdly, and most importantly; leave my pens and guitar picks alone. these are two things i need ready access to. i put them in increasingly difficult places to reach with little paws, but you persist. you stubborn little stinkers.
well, i suppose we will just have to put this exercise down to catharsis because i`m pretty sure the cats won`t be reading this.
love them in spite of the issues.
and now back to regularly sheduled programming.

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