Saturday, December 24, 2005

the mind/body split.

a favorite of the psychiatric profession is the idea of the mind/body split. a concept that forever gives them permission to create mental disorders at will.
ever wonder where multiple personalities come from?
the psychiatrist`s office.
our minds have thoughts. that`s how we know we are alive. interestingly enough, the resergent interest in yoga and meditation is looking at stopping thoughts. how does one know that we are alive then?
anyway, i digress.
our minds have thoughts and our bodies follow.
does this happen in reverse?
we recieve sensations in our bodies that make us think things but the sensations are due to actions that our minds initiated.
sit quietly with your hands on your thighs and now concentrate on trying to lift your hands.
you can`t do it.
the act of trying is the negation of action and you fail.
now lift your hands.
up they come, naturally and easily.
where is the seperation between the mind and the body here?
there isn`t one.
we picture things in our minds and our bodies comply immediately.
picture a lemon. fresh, cool yellow fruit lifted by hand from the fruit drawer of the refridgerator. you know how it smells and feel the texture of the skin as you take the lemon and place it on a chopping block. take a sharp knife and cut the fruit in half. see the juice run and smell the lemoniness hit your nose.
what happens when you bite the slice of lemon?
does the mind/body split evaporate for a split second for the purposes of this example only form again for future effect?
we create our internal states as one entity of mind and body together. we live our lives in health and in sickness as one device. psychiatry needed to seperate the system in two so that drugs could be given to treat the symptoms of thinking.
the drugs effect the bodies reaction to thoughts but the thoughts remain.
the more persistant the thoughts, the more drugs need to be taken.
the mind is a pretty determined device. it has created all that we have surrounding us. to knock it out with drugs will damage the body long before the mind will switch off.
does that sound like good medicine to you?

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