Saturday, December 31, 2005

a cult.

in the new year i am going to found a new cult. not a cult where a person has to give me all thier possessions and live in a commune on an old farm, or wear orange robes and sing songs and bang drums at the airport, unless they really want to. i`m not into stopping people doing what they want.
the cult that i have in mind is one of happiness. a cult of smiles. a cult of the individual acting out of a sense of wanting to be happy and doing what it takes to create the state of happiness in thier lives.
i believe that happiness is a state that we have to go out and create. i believe we are masters of creating states of consciousness. we create every experience that we feel in our bodies and minds, whether we realise it or not. this is a great responsibility that is rewarded a thousand-fold when we take it on in a purposeful way.
the cult is one of smiles. smiles of our inner self and smiles of our face and body. smiles of ourself and smiles of others as a feedback mechanism. once we are in that loop of smiles then the resonace is extraordiary. it is so strong and pervasive that one smile from a stranger can last all day.
pass it on.
in the cult of smiles i will be the guru. i will wear the white robe, if you like and i will smile because i know that these words are allowing you to smile too and pretty soon that smile will infect the next person that you meet and so on and so on.
i will wear the white robe of smiles as long as you promise to smile sufficiently to trigger the response in others.
i will sit cross-legged on a mat of smiles and smile at you as you read these words............and you will visualise this and smile too.
isn`t my cult nice?
with all the smiles we will make, we will smile forever.
one less asshole in the world.
(made you laugh.)

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