Wednesday, September 21, 2005

albert camus.

albert camus said that we are the only animal that refuses to be who we are. camus was a french philosopher who died in 1960, the year i was born. he meant that we are spiritual beings who deny our spirit or divinity.
why do we do this?
well, i blame the agendas of the technocracy.
i will define here what i mean by technocracy and technocrat, because it is critical to my thesis.
technocrat; lover of power.
technocracy; administration of power.
we are the mob. by definition, a disorganised group of people. the potential of the mob is enormous, and frightening to the technocracy.
the technocrats have developed laws and rules (don`t walk on the grass) so that we will have boundaries to control our behaviour. that`s o.k. but where`s the limit?
we are safe, clean and fed now. we are productive and obedient and harmless but the industry of law and law enforcement continues to grow. we are paying for our own restrictions.
our soul cries out for freedom. not to do damage or commit crimes but to spiritually grow and resonate in joy. it is basic to our existance as human animals with spiritual souls.
yet the chapters are added to the law books each and every day. new risks are discovered and new safety regulations and new guidelines are published by the minute, as if there is something to fear by our very spiritual existance.
is there a difference between us and them? who would gladly build such a prison?
the sign that says don`t walk on the grass isn`t to protect grass. it`s to limit our movement. who, if they were concerned about grass would put grass where people walk? we need to have pathways built, not signposts.
walk on the grass? we like to walk on the grass, we like to sit on the grass, roll around on it, make love and fall asleep on the grass. that`s what it`s for, i believe. who would put up a sign depriving us of that pleasure?
the same people who tell us we are not god. that limit our divinity. our godhood. inside each and every one of us in the mob.

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